Mission Statement:

To make a difference in the lives of our patients and their families by empowering them to ask why, advocate, build their team, and receive needed individualized treatment to help them thrive.

Our Core Values

S – Supportive: Compassion, Trust

I – Integrative: Collaborative, Teamwork

M – Meaningful: Education, Knowledge, Change

P – Positive: Hope, Respect, Passionate

L – Learning: Coaching, Knowledge, Advocacy

Y – You: Success for YOU and your loved one

At Simply Communication, we are ready to be a part of your team. We work tirelessly to support you or your loved one in achieving their goals. The therapist’s value and are encouraged to attend continuing education to help further their specialization in oromyofunctional disorders and how they directly impact the oral respiratory health of a patient along with their ability to eat, drink, and speak clearly. We strive to provide an environment that supports each individual’s needs when it comes to shaping a therapy session, frequency of visits, modes of therapy, and creating a home plan that works for you.

Simply Communication, Ltd. provides speech, language, feeding, and myofunctional therapy for patients of all ages 0 – adult. Simply Communication, Ltd. is located in Roselle and is comprised of speech language pathologists who are specifically educated to meet the needs of their client base. All of our therapists have received extra education in orofacial myofunctional therapy.  Our therapists are dedicated to learning, providing collaborative care, and recognizing how breathing, sleeping, and swallowing are all pieces of the diagnostic puzzle that are critical for providing the most effective treatment.  Simply Communication, Ltd. specializes in evaluations, diagnoses, and individualized treatment for infants, children, and adults.


Michelle is a licensed speech language pathologist and Certified Orofacial Myologist (COM) who has been practicing since 2006. Michelle has provided therapy in a variety of clinical settings, including public and private schools, outpatient therapy settings, in-home and specializes in the feeding and myofunctional needs of infants through adults.

She is a dedicated and enthusiastic professional who enjoys working with children and their families. Michelle strives to provide needed therapy and necessary education to help each patient reach success. 


Abby Marcus is a certified and licensed speech-language pathologist. She graduated from Indiana University with her Bachelor of Science in Speech and Hearing Sciences in 2015. She continued her education at Midwestern University where she earned her Master of Science degree in 2017. 

Abby has experience providing speech, language, and feeding/ swallowing therapy in a variety of settings including in-patient adult rehabilitation, outpatient pediatrics, and in-home pediatrics. 

Abby is dedicated to continued learning with a special interest in orofacial myology and pediatric feeding/ swallowing disorders. She completed the Sequential Oral Sensory (SOS) feeding training in 2017, the IAOM orofacial myology training course in 2019, and Buteyko breathing course with Patrick Mckeown in 2019. Abby is especially passionate about airway disorders and their impact on breathing, feeding, and overall health in both children and adults. Abby deeply values the importance of whole-body, collaborative care to address each piece of the diagnostic puzzle and provide the most effective treatment.

Hannah Cassiday

Hannah Cassiday is a licensed speech-language pathologist that has practiced in a variety of settings, including public schools, private clinics, and in-home pediatrics. Hannah graduated from Elmhurst University with her Bachelor’s of Art in Speech and Hearing Science. She continued her education at University of Illinois to earn her Master’s in Communications Sciences and Disorders.

Hannah is passionate about implementing holistic approaches to treating orofacial myofunctional disorders that affect breathing, feeding, swallowing, and speech. Hannah has experience providing therapy to children and adults by utilizing a transdisciplinary approach to effectively treat the whole body. Hannah encourages team collaboration with providers to ensure quality continuation of care.

Hannah has special interests in pediatric orofacial myofunctional disorders affecting breathing, swallowing, and speech. Hannah utilizes a family approach in order to implement treatment into daily routines, maximizing outcomes inside and outside of the therapy room. 

In addition, Hannah is especially passionate in treating adults experiencing reduced quality of life as a result of deficits in breathing, sleeping, swallowing, and orofacial myofunctional disorders. Hannah values collaborative care as a pivotal component in treating adults. 

Anne Steinman
Office Assistant

Anne attended Northern Illinois University and received a Bachelor of Arts degree in Art.

Her work experience includes insurance, marketing, education and childcare. She also does graphic design work for a nearby park district.

Anne is married with two daughters and has one dog. Her hobbies include DIY projects around the house, being outside, boating, movies and volunteering at her daughters’ school.