Consulting is an option for some families based on their need. Consulting is best done once a therapist knows a patient so that they can help the caregiver best advocate. You may find this service to be of value to you to assist in meetings such as IFSP, IEP, or 504, in preparation for a doctor’s appointment, or discuss concerns for a patient and triage the next best steps so you can work toward success!

Consulting services can be provided in multiple ways including a one-on-one session prior to a meeting or a doctor’s appointment, working as an advocate and having your therapist’s attendance at an IEP or doctor’s visit, or in discussion to develop an overall plan for the patient. Each patient or parent’s education and experiences are different, and consulting services are designed to help make the patient or parent’s the expert so they can continue to be the best advocate for the person in need.

Consulting services are not covered by insurance. If you are interested in setting up a consultation with one of our therapists, please contact the office and we can get you set up!