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Making Parents the Experts

Right off the bat, we are all experts; however, our fields of expertise may differ.  As your therapist, I am the expert on Speech, Language and Feeding services for your loved one.  You, more importantly, are the expert on your loved one.  Whether you are a mother,...

Back to School and Your Services

With the school year starting, everybody is getting into new schedules and new routines. For children who have extra services during the school day, these are just getting started this week and next week. At this point, it is a great time for parents to review their...

Home Program: What and How?

Whether or not this is a new term or familiar one, the idea is something I am sure you will recognize.  A Home Program, in the simplest form, is homework.  Now don’t get scared, there are no grades, reports, or group presentations, nonetheless, the home program is a...

Langauge Expansion

Language Expansion is a technique that is done by the communication partner rather than by the child.

Mirror Play

Name: Floor Mirror Ages: Birth and up Therapy Categories: Core Strength, eye-hand coordination, language and listening, and Imitation Babies love staring at faces from the very beginning. As the baby develops, take advantage of this fascination with faces to grow...

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