Teaching Straw Drinking with the Pipette method

Step 1: Using a straw (a standard size straw is great), place the straw into some liquid use your finger to trap a *small* amount of liquid in the bottom by creating a suction with your finger over the top of the straw.

Step 2: Hold it out towards your baby and wait for your baby to open their mouth to accept it the straw into their mouth.

Step 3: When baby accepts the straw in their mouth, take your finger off the top and allow the liquid to pour into their mouth. This usually helps your baby understand to close their lips, and that liquid comes out of the straw.

Step 4: After a few attempts, wait for baby to close the mouth before letting the liquid out of the straw into their mouth.

Step 5: As long as baby is interested, practice this a few times. Put the straw back into the cup and offer it to your baby. Remember, if your baby pushes it away or just wants to grab and play with the straw, tell them you’ll try again later and put the straw away until the next meal. Usually, within a few tries, your baby will figure out how to use the straw.

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