How to Raise a Great Eater!

At each meal and snack offer at least 1 protein source, 1 carbohydrate source, and 1 fruit or vegetable. This can be a challenge for snacks!

Children need to be exposed to taste and texture variety every time they eat. They may not eat each food that is offered, but they must learn to tolerate new and unfamiliar foods at the table and on their plates.

At each meal and snack, try to offer at least one familiar and preferred food so that your child feels comfortable and successful with eating.

As often as possible, your child should be offered “family” foods – the same foods being eaten by others at the table. No “short-order”

cooking. If your child rejects what you have prepared, you do not go back to the kitchen to prepare and offer something else.

Finding this activity challenging? Reach out and we can help you problem solve or guide you thorough some ideas!

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